Roberts Android Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to buy the Application

    You will need a valid Google ID which is linked to your device. If you do not have a Google ID, please do the following:

    1. Use your browser and go to Google Play
    2. Follow the instruction on the Google website to create a Google ID.
    3. Once your Google ID has been created, open the "Gmail" application on your device.
    4. Follow the in app instructions.
    5. Once your gmail has been setup on your device, open the "Play Store" application on your device.

    To purchase the Android Edition, please do the following:

    1. On your device, open Google Play and search for “Roberts Birds”.
    2. Carry out the purchase procedure and download the app to your phone.
    3. Start the app and select “Cancel” to use the sample data set, or “Download Now” to download the full data set.


    1. Use your internet browser and go to
    2. Sign in using your Google ID.
    3. Purchase the app.
    4. The app will be downloaded directly over-the-air to your device, and installation will happen automatically.
    5. Start the app and select “Cancel” to use the sample data set, or “Download Now” to register and download the full data set.
  • How do I install the data?

    Please download the data from the Android Data Download page.

    1. The download is delivered as a zip file, 970MB for Phone or 1250MB for tablet.
    2. Once downloaded, double-click to extract to a folder on your computer.
    3. Copy the "sa_birding" folder to a storage location on your device, either Internal Storage or External SDcard.
    4. Run the Roberts Birds application on your Android Device.
    5. On most devices, the program will automatically locate the data folder. If not, please click the "Browse to Data" button and browse to the data folder.

    If you have downloaded the Data Set using your Android device, please extract the data from the Zip file. You will need to install an extraction application to do this. There are several free extraction applications on Google Play.

  • Using your Android phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

    If you have the program installed on a tablet that does not have a sim card (Mobile Data) then you can use your Android phone to connect the tablet to the internet via Wi-Fi.

    To setup your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot do the following:
    1. Open Settings > Tethring & portable hotspot.
    2. Fist go into "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings".
    3. Go into "Configure Wi-Fi hotspot and not down the "Network SSID", Security type and Password (activate "show password" to see the password". You will need these settings for the tablet.
    4. Now turn on the hotspot.
    5. Now you can activate the Wi-Fi on your tablet and use the settings to connect to your phone.

Trouble Shooting

  • Download failing / Zip file corrupt

    Please note that the download failing is not a problem with the program. It is a problem with downloading data over the internet and is an entirely separate issue to running the program.

    Our Server and the Data Centre at our hosting company have been tested extensively. The download has been tested from various locations, including the UK and USA. The system is working perfectly. The most likely cause is a problem with your internet connection. Unfortunately we are unable to provide assistance with your personal internet connection.

    We suggest that customers use a Download Manager like FlashGet to assist with the download.

    Alternatively, we can offer a DVD with the Data set. Place your order on our Store.

Contact Support

Before contacting support, please check the support section to see if your question has been answered already.

For software support, please email

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